What To Do If You Have A Flat Tire And No Jack

What To Do If You Have A Flat Tire And No Jack

What To Do If You Have A Flat Tire And No Jack

Do you know what to do if you have a flat tire and no jack? You can get a flat tire at almost any time and in any place. Depending on where you find yourself, you will use different procedures to change the tire. If you get a flat on a busy road or highway, you could call a towing service to help you out. You could also make you way to the nearest repair shop, or pick up a jack at a car supply store. However, none of this is really necessary, because you can actually change a tire very easily and without a jack.

What You Will Need

  • A socket – You should use a socket if you’re using a breaker. Furthermore, you should make sure it fits the lugs and the bar of your wheels.
  • A lug wrench or breaker bar – You can use a breaker bar if you’re using a cross-shaped lug wrench. You should ensure it’s the same size as the lug nuts on your car. A breaker bar is tool that can be used to loosen lugs that are very tight.
  • A wrench – Use this to take the spare tire of the wheel.
  • Wheel chocks – Wheel chocks are small wedges that you will place in front of the tires to keep the car from rolling as you work.
  • A spare tire – Needless to say, you should always carry a spare tire with you.
  • WD40 – You can use WD40, or any other type of lubricant.
  • Tire Pressure Gauge – Tire gauges are not expensive and indispensable if you need to change a tire.
  • Air Compressor – You should invest in a portable model to have on hand when you need one.
  • Ramp – You’ll need a ramp if repair a flat tire without a jack. You’ll only need one.

Why It’s Important To Know What To Do If You Have A Flat Tire And No Jack

You may be a member of an organization that offers good roadside assistance in case of an emergency. Or, you may live in a populated area where it’s easy to find a mechanic. So, you may wonder why you even need to know how to change a flat without a jack. Even if you think you will never need to do it, knowing how to change a tire will save you time because you won’t have to wait for help. In addition, at some point, you may find yourself in an isolated area where no help is around. So, this knowledge will come in handy!

How To Change A Flat Tire Without A Jack Step-by-Step

  • Using the lug wrench, loosen the lug nuts.
  • Position your ramp next to the good tire on the side of the car that has the flat. Then, drive your car up the ramp. Now, the flat tire should be elevated, allowing you to change it more easily.
  • You may want to add a couple of the blocks under the ramp, depending on how high off the ground the flat tire is. The important thing is that you should be able to turn the tire freely without being blocked.\
  • Put the vehicle in park, and engage the emergency brake once the flat tire is elevated. Position the wheel chocks behind the tires on the opposite side of the car.
  • Use your lug wrench and remove the lug nuts from the flat.
  • Remove the flat tire and replace it with your spare.
  • Apply WD-40 to the studs before before you change the lug nuts. Use your star screwdriver to ensure the lugs are tight when you replace them.
  • Place the flat tire aside.
  • Remove the chocks.
  • Drive down the ramp.
  • Finally, use the tire pressure gauge the check the pressure of the tire you just put on, as well as the other tires.


In conclusion, follow the steps above the next time you find yourself with a flat tire, but without a jack. This way, you will be able to change the tire quickly and safely!

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