What Is A Vinyl Car Wrap?

What Is A Vinyl Car Wrap?

What Is A Vinyl Car Wrap?

You may not know that a vinyl car wrap is a great way to completely re-invent the look of your car without a full paint job.  Indeed, it is possible to create a stunning look with the right kind of wrap, a professional installer, or a lot of patience if you do the job yourself. In fact, if you do decide to do it yourself, you may wind up saving thousands of dollars. In this article, we will explain what is required if you would like to vinyl wrap the car yourself.

How To Prepare The Car For A Vinyl Wrap

It is crucial that you prepare the car well if you are going to do the wrap yourself. If you do so, you will ensure that the vinyl wrap adheres well to the car and that it will last for a long time. The first thing you should do is make sure the surface of the car is perfectly flat. Do so by filling in any dings or dents with primer. Don’t worry that the vinyl will not adhere to primer, it will.

Next, you will need to thoroughly wash the car to ensure that the surface is clean. Using a clay bar will help you to remove any remaining particles from the surface. You should do this before you dry the car.

Next, dry the car, either with compressed air, or with a towel that won’t leave behind any fibres. 

It’s Time To Wrap The Car

You have carefully washed and dried your vehicle, and have ensured that the surface is perfectly flat. Now, it’s time to get down to business and actually wrap the car. If you wrap the car yourself, you may be able to do so for less than $1000. On the other hand, a professional wrap may set you back several thousand dollars. Considering the money you will be saving, it is worth it to buy quality vinyl. You will probably be able to find a 5 x 60 foot vinyl roll for about $800.

As we’ve stated in previous articles , you will find vinyl in all colors and styles, so you are are sure to find one that fits your taste!

What Kind Of Tools Do I Need To Wrap A Car?

The tools that you will need to wrap your car are neither expensive nor difficult to find. You can even buy kits on Amazon that contain everything you will need to wrap your car. You can use what’s in these kits to do vinyl wraps or even to tint the windows of your car. A typical kit will include:

  • Heat gun
  • Vinyl magnets
  • Vinyl cutting knife with replacement blades
  • Micro wrap stick with magnets
  • Long scraper tool
  • Grey vinyl cutting tool
  • Grey mini squeegee
  • White vinyl working glove
  • Vinyl squeegee with ruler design
  • Felt squeegee
  • Squeegee felt
  • Micro squeegee
  • Car wash rubber squeegee
  • Red small razor scraper tool
  • Yellow measure tape
  • Small magnetic squeegee

Some Tips For Applying The Vinyl

Remember that when applying the vinyl, patience is a virtue. Take it slowly and apply the vinyl to the flat surfaces first to get some practice. Then, you can move on to the curved surfaces.

Unroll the vinyl as you’re applying it. Avoid leaving the vinyl on the floor so that it won’t become contaminated with dirt and dust particles.

Have someone help you separate the backing from the vinyl as you go along. Again, take your time and apply even tension to the vinyl to avoid leaving creases.

Also, if you are applying the vinyl to curved surfaces, you may want to heat the material to make it softer and easier to apply.

Use a sharp knife if you need to cut the vinyl. The sharper the better to avoid tearing the material.

Finally, if you are cutting the vinyl on a painted surface, make sure the blade is extra sharp. Be gentle when cutting so you don’t scratch the paint!

How Long Does It Take To Apply?

Saving time is one of the major advantages of having a professional do the wrap for you. However, if you have about 30-40 hours, you can do it yourself. If you take your time, have a large car, or if you car has many curved surfaces, it may take you longer.

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