The Unseen Costs Of Motoring

The True Cost To Own A Car

When we’re kids, we look at all the cars on the road and can’t wait until we can drive. Imagine – no more buses, no more bikes, and the ability to go where we want when we want. A car will allow us to be in control of our travel environment. We know that it will cost something to buy the car. But money is a small price to pay for our freedom, right? As kids, we never consider the true cost to own.

Is is only when we grow up that we come to appreciate how much things cost. As kids, we may have a vague understanding that we will need to fill the tank once in a while. However, we don’t come to see what driving really costs before we use the car for daily tasks, such as shopping, commuting to work and running other errands.

It would be one thing if owning a car simply meant buying the vehicle and then filling it up with gas once in a while.  However, many people neglect to figure in the hidden costs of repairs. Snow tires, tune ups are other accessories that cars need. Don’t forget that some cars may look good and drive well, but then go on to develop specific problems that cannot be repaired once and for all. It may be that the best you can do is keep the problems in check, and doing so can cost money.

The price of parking is another associated cost that can drain your wallet. It may not occur to those who don’t drive how much trouble it is to find a safe place to park. It can also be very expensive. Some parking costs are so astronomical that they prevent drivers from running all but the most essential errands. This is another expense that is part of the hidden costs of motoring.

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