Slot Cars As Learning Toys For Kids

Slot Cars As Learning Toys For Kids

Did you know that toys for kids can also be highly effective learning tools? Toys allow parents to effectively combine fun with learning. Everyone knows kids love to play. In fact, sometimes playing is all they care about. Consequently, parents have to be creative when they attempt to transform kids’ playing into learning. If you have a son, chances are he’ll enjoy playing with toy cars, especially fast ones! Studies have also proven that kids are more likely to enjoy playing with toys they can control. Therefore, slot cars are always an excellent choice! In addition, playing with slot cars may stimulate kids into thinking about the kind of car they would like to drive when they grow up.

Slot Cars – The Perfect Learning Toys For Kids

You have probably seen slot cars at some time or another. Slot cars are miniature models of real cars, and many people enjoy watching them while they race on slot car tracks. A remote control gives you the ability to control the speed of the car. Therefore, you need skill to know at which points on the track to apply the most pressure to the controller.

Slot car racing has also been a popular with enthusiasts for more than a few decades. If you or your child want to get serious about slot car racing, you can even join competition together. When kids are involved in competition they will want to learn more and more about their sport on their own. There are no other toys for kids that offer a better opportunity to expose them to physical science, electronics, and basic math.

toys for kidsSlot Cars As Learning Toys For Kids

At just about $100, this Scalextric slot car set is a perfect entry point into the hobby. The cars are durable and beginners can easily control the speed. Consequently, your kids will have time to build up their skills.

Explaining Slot Cars – Where To Begin

You can start by explaining to your children everything about the sport of slot car racing. Don’t lecture. Just inform and make it fun and casual. In some cases, you may find that your child is already interesting in slot car racing. If this is the case, you won’t even need to start the conversation!

Explain to your kids how to stay on the track as their car negotiates the twists and turns of the slot car track. Tell them all about the adjustments that can be made to a slot car track. Should you tone down the magnet if the track has no sharp turns? How does the shape of a slot car affect speed and performance? If you take time to explain these things, kids will learn about aerodynamics and wind resistance and how these affect slot car speed.

Take the time to make modifications to slot cars with your kids to develop their mechanical and logical faculties. Slot car modifications can involve many variables. Gear ratios, magnets, electrical contacts, tire size, tire grip, and weight are all factors your child must learn to consider when predicting slot car performance. These can be complex concepts for anyone to grasp, so try not to pressure your child. Give you children simple tasks at  first, and allow them to observe and learn to complete more complex ones.

Children learn best when they are unaware they are learning. Slot cars make the perfect toys for kids because they can be of such great educational benefit. Buy your kids a slot car set today and let the learning begin!

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