How We Fall In Love With Cars At An Early Age

How We Fall In Love With Cars At An Early Age

The Toy Car And How We Fall In Love With Cars At An Early Age

The legal age for obtaining a driver’s license differs from country to country. However,  one thing that all countries have in common is that from a young age we all want experience what it’s like to drive a car. Kids all over the world toy car collections from an early age. The encourages the desire to drive real cars some day and gets them thinking about the kinds of cars they would like to drive. A toy car, like a slot car, can give a kid the sensation of driving a real car, but without the risk.

What is it exactly that piques our interest about cars from such an early age, even before we are old enough to drive? For some, it may be that they allow us to travel quickly from point A to point B. This fosters a sense of freedom that is hard to find anywhere else. We love the idea of far-off places from a young age. Automobiles can bring us to these places. You may have noticed the same fascination among children with airplanes.

In addition, cars are all around us. We see them in almost every TV show we watch. No matter if it is a cop show that that features law enforcement or some other charismatic central character, we imagine being that person and want to drive the same car. Herbie, KITT and the General Lee are just three examples of famous TV cars. And if you are  between thirty and fifty, you can probably remember having one or more of these toy cars.

As we get older, cars begin to lose some of their mystique. Somehow, cars do not look as exciting when we have to pay for repairs. Nonetheless, we will still love our cars. In fact, we may love our cars so much that we decide to name them!

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