The Car As A Status Symbol

The Car As A Status Symbol

The Car As A Status Symbol

Strictly speaking, a car is simply a means of transportation. Nonetheless, the car has taken on iconic status for many people around the world. For some people, a car is still a basic mode of transportation; a way to get from A to B. On the weekends, it offers drivers the freedom to get away for a while. For many other people, a car is much more. A car is a status symbol and something that defines the person who drives it.

Many times, when people purchase a car, they have its role as a status symbol in mind. For some people, the first thing they will the wheel of a car is a defining part of their lifestyle. When these people become rich, they buy the car of their dreams. All you need to do is go to any professional sporting event and look at some of the cars the players drive. Make no mistake, a car can be intertwined with a individual’s very personality.

The Car In Popular Culture

The car has also traditionally played a major role in pop culture. In cop shows and movies and video games especially, the car that a main character drives will have will be as important as said character’s wife and family. The car will also be just as important as the set of the show or movie. Take the Dukes of Hazzard and Starsky and Hutch as two examples of what a major role cars can play in such productions.

It may be said that the automobile has become a sort of fetish in western countries. Certainly, we often judge people by the cars they drive. For politicians, too, this is no different. People will look at whether a politician’s car is domestic for foreign, what it gets for gas mileage and where taxpayers’ money is going. Even if you don’t drive, the car may be a source of endless fascination for you.

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