Best Slot Car Scale For You

Slot Car Scale

You can buy slot cars in a variety of scales – from the smaller HO slot car scale to the large 1:24 scale. There is no real best slot car scale. It all depends on how much room your have an what you plan to do with your car.

Most modern slot car hobbyists choose the generic HO scale. This scale varies from the smallest 1:82 to the largest 1:64.  HO scales are somewhat less expensive than larger scales. Manufacturers used these sizes to create model railroad accessory cars in the 1960s. Later, these evolved into the HO scale slot car, the most popular size.

HO slot cars run on smaller tracks and are therefore best suited for home use. Larger scales are also popular due to their intricate detailing. Furthermore, you will often find these cars at hobby clubs and they are exact miniature copies of the original models. Because of their size, hobbyists rarely use them at home.

The Largest Slot Car Scale 1:24

The 1:24 scale is the largest. Although they are more expensive than the smaller models, many hobbyists prefer them because they are often exact replicas of the full size models. You will often find this scale in competitions.

Larger scale slot cars actually require less maintenance than their smaller counterparts. Routine maintenance is also a breeze because there are no tiny parts that you need to remove and clean.

Space is the main disadvantage of the 1:24 scale.  Even digital tracks sometimes have difficulty accommodating the size of the cars, which run about 7 to 8 inches long. If you have enough space, go for this scale. If not, you may need to settle for smaller-sized cars.

1:32 Scale

1:32-sized cars are mostly 5 to 6 inches long and are much more popular for home use than their 1:24 cousins. They usually have good detailing and you can modify they to mimic the performance of the full-sized original. Remember, however, that the performance is scaled down, too.

This size is probably the most popular competition scale car. In addition, this car size requires 8×16 feet track and can fit in most normal-sized basements.

HO Slot Car Scale

HO scales are the smallest commercially available slot cars. These cars are 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches and may or may not resemble actual, full-sized automobiles. Furthermore, the motors are often bigger than what could actually fit the chassis. Consequently, manufacturers usually modify the exterior appearance of the car.

You will find the HO scale in homes across the country, as well as in slot car racing competitions.