The Slot Car Controller For Each Type Of Slot Car Racing System

The Slot Car Controller For Each Type Of Slot Car Racing System

Slot Car Controller

Slot car racing is a sport in which racers are focused on controlling the car while on the track. The word ‘slot’ refers to the grooves in the racetrack. These grooves prevent the cars from falling off of the track as they race at high speeds. But slot cars require more than grooves if racers wish to maintain total control. Drivers need to hold something in their hand if they want to maintain full control over acceleration, breaking and general performance of their cars. That is where the slot car controller comes in.

Analog Slot Car Controller

An analog slot car controller is a hand-held device that supplies the right level of voltage to the slot car while it is racing. The trigger, an important component of the controller, is connected to an electrical contact. The contact, in turn, is connected to a resistor. When the racer squeezes the trigger, the track sends more voltage to the car. Consequently, the car picks up speed. When the racer releases the trigger, the reverse happens and the car slows down or stops. The electrical resistance of the controller is measured in ohms. You should always note the number of ohms because changes in resistance affect the response time of your car.

However,  and analog slot car controller does not only make the easier to manage the voltage running to the car. Without the controller, drivers would not have the ability to make turns when needed. In addition, they would not be able to follow a straight path on the long, straight sections on the track.

Improvements In Slot Car Controllers

There have been many recent modifications and improvements in slot car controllers. These improvements have led to better handling of slot cars on the track.  Newer controllers now make it possible to brake at the push of a single button. Older systems required racers to squeeze and release the trigger to speed up or slow down. These new controllers come with a button that sends negative voltage (recall the positive effect of resistance on response time) to the slot car’s motor. The negative voltage stops the slot car.

Improvements in analog slot car controllers have also led to better control of the breaking system. More advanced controllers now feature a highly accurate system of controlling breaking speed. Consequently, newer controllers give racers a good advantage over other drivers while making turns on the track.

Electronic Slot Car Controller

Electronic slot car controllers pick up where analog controllers leave off. These controllers controllers do not use the same system to deliver power to the  grooves on the track. Rather, they use an electronic circuit that sends the exact amount of voltage the car requires. This leads to better car performance, improved handling, and better control with virtually all motor types. They also work well with cars various magnet setups.

These are some of the reasons why you might want to choose an electronic controller over and analog one.
slot car controllerThe Slot Car Controller For Each Type Of Slot Car Racing System

Here is an example of a wireless hand controller by Scalextric.

Choosing A Slot Car Controller

Choosing between an analog and electric slot car controller is a matter of personal choice. Most beginners use analog slot car controllers. These tend to be cheaper than electronic ones. Also, the  do not require much technical knowledge. Real enthusiasts, however, prefer the more complex and more powerful systems in electronic slot cars.

Electronic controllers allow you to better manage the car. Modern breaking systems make it much easier for drivers to control their cars.

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