The Basics Of Preparing For Slot Car Racing

The Basics Of Preparing For Slot Car Racing

Slot Car Clubs

Every slot car racing event is organized in a unique way. Slot car clubs and associations are the ones who often organize these events. The elements listed below are the most common ones that racers use to prepare for slot car races.

Individual Preparation

The race winners seem to always be the drivers who are best prepared.  These drivers make sure their cars are well conditioned and well maintained. Obviously, these cars stand the best chance of winning because are primed for top performance for the entire race.

Preparing the slot car for racing involves checking the interior and exterior of the car as well as the various components. You should pay special attention to the parts that directly contribute to winning the race. You should always check the wheels, as these have the most direct impact on the results of the race. Make sure the tires rotate perfectly and that there is nothing stuck in the rims that could slow the car down. Also, check the pinions, gears and brushes and make sure they are lightly oiled. Finally, don’t forget to check the braids!

If you belong to one of the many slot car clubs and like to compete, make it a habit to prepare the car the night before the race. This will give you plenty of time to identify and correct any problems. Check the car a few hours before the race, but never right before. You should also warm up the motor a few hours before the race begins. This warm up will ensure the car receives exactly the right amount of power during the race.

Slot Car Selection

You can’t expect to just race any slot car and win the race. You need a really good car that is primed and specially made to win slot car competitions. Racing a car right out of the box will never do. You cannot expect to win a race against optimized cars with something right off the shelf. You’ll need to make some good performance-enhancing modifications to a mass-produced car in order to compete with the big boys. You should learn about enhancing slot car performance before you think about entering any races.

Choose the best cars for the races in which you will be competing. Make note of the advantages and disadvantages of each scale and brand. This way, you will be well-equipped to select a car that will give you the biggest competitive advantage. Some slot cars are great at running sharp curves. Others are great for racing at high speeds and on straight sections of the track. Know which car is best suited to your race so that you will select the right one.

Arrange For A Marshal

You probably won’t be able to race and take care of regular cars at the same time. So you should get an assistant who will take car of that for you

Whether you are racing to win a high-stakes competition or just for fun against your buddies, make sure you psyche yourself up for the experience. Being mentally prepared is just as important as preparing your car!

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