Scalextric Track – All The Details About Scalextric Tracks

scalextric track

Scalextric Track

If you are a slot car racing enthusiast, buying a Scalextric track is one of the smartest investments you can make. A track by Scalextric will allow you to create a completely personalized slot car racing experience. In fact, if you invest in the ARC Pro Platinum GT set, you will get 33 feet of track! You will never find this amount of track with any other slot car racing set. You can also use this to race multiple cars at once, up to six!

One of the most amazing features of the ARC Pro Platinum, is that you can control all the action from a smart device. Use the state-of-the-art ARC Pro power base along with this technology, and you`ll have the ultimate racing experience. With this set, you can change lanes, make pit stops in a separate pit stop lane, track variable weather conditions. You can also get post-race data and statistics so you can up your racing game!

scalextric trackScalextric Track - All The Details About Scalextric Tracks

But even if you don`t go for this top-of-line Scalextric track, there are plenty of other options if you would like to customize your slot car racing experience.

Track Extensions

If you already have any Scalextric track and would like to extend it, you can opt for the Scalextric C8511 set. This set includes one leap ( including a ramp pp and a ramp down) 2 standard straight track, 2 side swipes and borders barriers. You can use this set to extend any standard or digital slot car set. In fact, you can use any Scalextric extension set to extend any circuit. In addition, you can get multiple of these track extension sets and add them to the same circuit. Every extension pack comes with instructions to give you ideas on circuit layout.

slot car trackScalextric Track - All The Details About Scalextric Tracks

The C8511 features a 1:32 scale slot car track. This set will both test and improve your racing skills, as you will need to practice a bit in order to make the jump. Adjust the distance between the landing pad and the ramp and experiment to find the right speed. Practice, practice, practice, as this might take some time to perfect! Why keep going in circles when you can make the race even more exciting?

Scalextric Stock Car Challenge 1:32 Race Slot Car Set With 18′ Of Track

The Scalextric Stock Car Challenge set is a 1:32 scale slot car set that includes 18′ feet of track. This set is perfect for beginner slot car racers because you can adjust the power as your skill increases. The set includes 4 different layout varieties for maximum fun and challenge. This set includes extra durable cars for long-lasting value.

Buyers who have purchased multiple Scalextric tracks report that they are easy to put together. In addition, the cars are a good size. The controls are also very easy to use and accurate, making it a breeze for all racers to enjoy the fun! As you build your skill, you can add on as many extensions as you would like for maximum variety. After much research, we can confidently report that these Scalextric tracks are of the highest quality, and that they consistently garner the best customer reviews.

scalextric trackScalextric Track - All The Details About Scalextric Tracks


As you can see buying a Scalextric track is a great choice for any hobbyist who is looking for a top notch slot car racing experience. And don’t forget, you’ll have an even greater experience if you build your own slot car track table. Bring home all the fun with a Scalextric slot car track!

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