Scalextric One American Classics

Scalextric One American Classics

Scalextric One American Classics

Scalextric, long-time slot car manufacturer from the UK, has brought an American rivalry to miniature life; the rivalry between the Mustang and the Camaro. This rivalry can be experienced by kids and adults alike via the Scalextric One American Classics line, which splendidly recreates the 1969 #6 Sunoco Camaro and #16 Boss 302 Mustang racer that fought for the Trans-Am cup back in the day. Whether for a patriotic American family or someone just seeking some old-fashioned American thrill, the Scalextric set will be a good addition.

The set includes track pieces which can be assembled differently to form 9 unique layouts, each with its own set of challenges. Then, there are the cars themselves. These are faithful down to the last fine detail and decals. You would think it’s a miniature version of the original!

Finally, there’s the controllers themselves, one for each car, to control speed. The start straight also has a pit feature, complete with refueling and speed limits, controlled by a mobile app provided by the company (you will still need to download it yourself from the App Store or Google Play).

Scalextric One American Classics – Old School Meets High Tech

The app also accounts for tire wear, and also has race results and statistics calculated for you, quite handy for the number-crunchers. Set up the track, line up the cars, and let ‘em rip! You now have an inkling of how the racing scene was in the late 60s/early 70s, and for a quarter of the strain and cost. After all of that is done, you shall have the challenging choice of whose manufacturer will you be on? Chevy fan? Ford dude? You decide.

You would however, have to have enough space, as required of all slot car arrangements, to actually put up a race course to play races in. Recommended spaces include places where it’s at least risk of being stepped over, as well as severe temperatures, since the track system itself is made out of plastic, quite a vulnerable material in the wrong temperatures. Such places may be your room, a game room, heck, even your own living room, provided the elements cooperate!

For the full Trans-Am experience, you need to download the App Race Control. This way, you will get the full experience the set brings. However, you device’s memory may take a hit; a small price to pay to see the experience come to life. Keep the set clean for maximum performance. Also, be sure to check for debris after every session. The track itself has an overtake mechanism, which encourages ballsy moves from players. However, can also encourage too-brash moves that can overwhelm the other player.

The Scalextric App

As for ARC app, it isthe closest thing to a race management, for a fraction of the stress of the real thing. It even has social media integration to post your stats, and compare them with rivals all over the net. The cars themselves can simulate tire-wear and fuel-shortage, also courtesy of the app. As is customary with Scalextric and other slot cars, magnets make the cars stick to the track. This proved effective for the longest time. However, one must consider space for packing up the set. Inevitably, not all places have wide enough space for the set. You should be careful not deliberately dismantle the set nor expose the package to extreme conditions. Going back to the app, you have to commit a portion of your own device’s memory to maximize the experience.

Scalextric has made over time in its long history, and this particular one delivers well. It may be small-scale, but seeing the cars duke it out will bring out that Detroit vibe in you. That pulsing, jumpy feeling associated with being behind the wheel of these highly-rated machines of the old times. This set is great to encourage American families to convey the muscle of a past era to the next generation. Faithfully recreating a rivalry has continued for decades is no easy feat. However, the British manufacturer does certainly deliver. This is a statement to just how successful their company is.


With Scalextric One American Classics set kids and hobbyists can relive the muscle heyday of the 60s and 70s. However, you will leave less of a carbon footprint than the real thing. It’s perfect if you want to relive those eras without fear of being chastised for pollution. And with a reputable and innovative brand behind the set, all customers are assured of fun, quality, and speed for ages to come.

scalextric one american classicsScalextric One American Classics

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