Scalextric C1351T ARC One Ultimate Rivals Race Set

Scalextric C1351T ARC One Ultimate Rivals Race Set

Scalextric C1351 ARC One Ultimate Rivals Race Set

Scalextric has always been known for providing slot car hobbyists with basic but still dependable race sets. The Scalextric C1351 ARC One Ultimate Rivals Race Set aims to follow along those lines while offering features that keep immersion at a high.

Set Details

The Ultimate Rivals set has a rather paltry parts count when compared to other slot car tracks. However, the parts are enough to create a fairly decent 2-lane primary track layout as well as 8 other layouts.

As with other Scalextric track pieces, the Ultimate Rivals’ track is made out of a hard, durable plastic. This means it should be hard enough to withstand heavy usage but light enough to keep the price tag reasonable. Also, it comes with multiple connection points that keep the track sturdy for as long as possible.

The Ultimate Rivals Race Set track will be nearly 5 meters long once assembled. As such, it requires an area of 2.10 x 1.40 meters to be played.

Also, the set may be easy to disassemble and reassemble, but it is recommended that you change the track layout only when truly necessary. This is to prevent putting too much unwanted stress onto track pieces which could lead to breakage.

And in case you do experience breakage of your track pieces, don’t worry. Scalextric has made the Ultimate Rivals set to be compatible with their own line of track expansion pieces.

Which Slot Cars Come With The Set?

The Ultimate Rivals set comes with two slot cars: 1 BMW Z4 GT3 and 1 Mercedes AMG GT3. Both cars are in the 1/32 scale which means that they are small enough to fit in the palm but not too large to be toy-like or unwieldy.

As for details, Scalextric again knocks things out of the ball park by making both cars look and feel like their 1/1 counterparts. There is no mistaking that one car looks like the BMW Z4 and the other the Mercedes AMG.

Performance-wise, both cars mimic their real world versions to a point. They are powered by Scalextrix’s latest chassis model which allows for a fast acceleration and the ability to maintain much of their top speeds at sharp turns.

Scalextric has also designed the cars to have a low center of gravity. Also, they have a tighter grip to the track pins. This means that both GT3 slot cars will be able to maneuver themselves through the track without flying off course.

To maneuver these cars properly, the Ultimate Rivals set comes with 2 standard Scalextric controllers. The set also comes with tune up kits to help keep these slot cars perform at their best possible condition for as long as possible.


Scalextric has always been known for balancing fun with a bit of realism and it shows with this set. The set comes with a speed controller that allows you to manually adjust car performance settings with just the push of a button. This way, you can keep races dynamic or help newcomers ease in to races without causing their cars to constantly fly off the pins.

To encourage racers to be smart with their driving, Scalextrix included the fuel usage feature with this set. Basically, cars would “power down” as the race continues. Then, they would eventually slow down if they don’t visit the automatic pit stop. Also, the tires of the slot cars would wear down with continued usage but are easy to replace through the tune up kit.

This bit of realism can be a double-edged sword for the Ultimate Rivals set as not all racers would find this features appealing. Starting racers might find the fuel usage too restrictive and the tire wear feature a bit of a hassle.

As such, the Ultimate Rivals set remains recommended for advanced and highly experienced racers as with most other Scalextrix sets. It also helps that the set features a post-race statistics report. This means it is primarily for racers who want to get better at the sport.

Overall – Scalextric C1351 ARC One Ultimate Rivals Race Set

All in all, the Ultimate Rivals Set bears the qualities of many Scalextric courses. It is simple enough. However, there are underlying technical nuances in it that would demand commitment from only dedicated slot car racers.

However, that does not mean that it is all work and no play with the Ultimate Rivals set. If you can master the track’s more demanding aspects as well as the basics of the sport, this set might just become one of the more interesting pieces in your collection.

Scalextric C1351 ARC One Ultimate Rivals Race Set

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