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Road Safety: Kill Your Speed, Not A Person

Safe Roads Are Everyone’s Concern

Traffic laws are sometimes controversial. Some drivers may be more skilled than others and less likely to make the kinds of mistakes that endanger other drivers or pedestrians. If you are one of those good drivers, you may say “I don’t see why these laws should apply to me! I’m a better driver than the other people on the road”! The only thing we can say is, “Don’t be overconfident. The laws exist for a reason and safe roads are your concern, too.”

This answer may seem overly harsh or authoritarian, but you must keep in mind that laws apply to everyone. That is the only way they can be enforced. Now, you might be really good at driving a car at high speeds. If so, a bit of self-congratulation is perhaps in order. Nonetheless, you must never lose sight of the fact that it is dangerous to drive over the speed limit in residential areas and on the highway. It is also against the law. No matter how well you think your drive, it is a fact that it is harder to control a car while driving a high speeds.

Setting Speed Limits

Many for us enjoy driving at high speed. It seems to get us where we’re going faster. But obviously a car traveling 50 mph will do more damage and cause more serious injury if it hits someone than a car going 30 mph. Even if you are a careful and skilled driver, it only takes a split second for an accident to happen. You need to set a speed limit somewhere.

Some countries, like Germany, have no speed limits. In fact, this works well. Nonetheless, even in Germany there are speed limits on roads other than the Autobahn. Most governments around the world recognize the need for safe roads and set reasonable limits accordingly.

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