Road Safety: The Drag Race

Drag Racing Jeopardizes Road Safety

There will always be some people who enjoy driving their cars on open road to see how fast they can go. Consequently, this desire for speed has let to many unofficial “drag races” on public streets and roads. Many drag racers justify their actions by claiming that they only race on quiet roads, and at times when nobody else is on the street. The need for speed unfortunately trumps road safety and common sense.

But if you are a driver, you know that it is impossible to tell who is on the road at any given time. The road exists so that people can get from one place to another. There are bound to be people doing exactly that. After you’ve had an accident, what good will it do if you claim you did not know the road was empty. All that will matter is that it wasn’t, and your expectations will not help anyone you kill or injure.

Another reason why drag races threaten road safety is because they are unregulated. At official car races, the tracks are equipped with safety features and a wide range of emergency services are on hand. Nonetheless, professional car racers have still been killed in high-speed crashes. In drag races, there is no security, and if you are reckless, it can lead to injury or death.

It is often the illegal and clandestine nature of drag races that attracts people. Everyone believes they will be lucky. But all it takes is on unlucky turn of events to kill or injure yourself. A pedestrian or other driver could also be your unlucky victim. Therefore, use your common sense, stay safe, and keep car races on the track where they belong. This is the best way to ensure road safety for everyone.

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