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Your Dream Drive – What Makes The Perfect Car?

What Makes The Perfect Car?

It is really pointless to have a debate about the best car in the world before we decide what “the perfect car” really means. Does “perfect” mean the car that goes the fastest? Maybe it refers to the one that looks best. Or, could it be the one that lasts the longest? These are just a few criteria you can use to decide which car is perfect. Then again, these criteria may be totally irrelevant to you.

You might also consider the perfect car to be the one that handles the best. Some cars, even the most modern and aesthetically pleasing ones, have just a small problem that plagues the driver from the day they buy it until the day they trade it in. Whatever the problem, it may not even be serious. It may just be annoying enough to spoil the whole driving experience.

Other “Perfect Car” Criteria

If you are environmentally conscious, gas mileage will be a determining factor for you. Some sports cars look beautiful and purr like a lion when you are driving them. However, later you may discover they are such gas guzzlers that that are neither economical nor ecological. In this case, you should opt for a car that is perhaps not as sexy, but will get you from point A to point B more cheaply and more cleanly.

Sometimes, the perfect car is just one you happen to fall in love with for no particular reason at all. As children, we sometimes see a certain type of car and imagine that we will only be happy if we can someday drive it off the lot. Here, the old adage holds true that you must be careful what you wish for. The car you wish for as a child may be more trouble than you expect as an adult.

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