Putting The Pedal To The Metal – Do You Want Nitro With That?

Fill ‘Er Up With Nitrous Oxide, Or Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide in cars is an issue that continues to divide the auto enthusiast community. It is popularly known as laughing gas because it produces a sense of euphoria when people inhale it. Doctors also use it for pain reduction and in anesthesia. However, in addition to these uses, nitrous oxide is also a substance that can added to cars to boost their performance. Most important is that it boosts the car’s speed considerably.This makes nitrous oxide popular with participants of drag races.  However, many experts claim that this substance makes the performance of the car unpredictable and dangerous.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nitrous Oxide In Fuel

This idea is that nitrous provides more oxygen during the combustion process, allowing the car to burn more fuel. This is because the substance stores oxygen, which, in turn, is released during the process of combustion. The more oxygen you can get into the engine, the faster the car will go. This is why only a small quantity is enough to add considerable speed as you drive. In fact, nitrous oxide is so effective, it is also used as rocket fuel.

Detractors of the substance probably have a point. Nitrous oxide can help provide enough oxygen to the engine to damage or destroy it. When manufacturers produce a car, they build it so that drivers can drive it at its top speed. Adding to the top speed does make the car unstable and less predictable. On the other hand, if you own a car specifically for drag racing, the proper racing components, and a safe place to race, go for it. If not, using nitro can be dangerous.

Of course, driving at high speeds can be dangerous with or without the use of nitrous oxide. The faster you drive, the easier it is to lose control of the car, so high speed is not a problem only related to nitrous oxide. But if you buy a nitrous oxide kit that adds too much horsepower for your car to handle, the results and be disastrous.

Many drivers enjoy high speeds, but never forget to differentiate between sustainable and unsustainable or dangerous speeds. A burst of nitrous oxide to an engine lasts only last a few seconds. Consequently, you may be tempted to think that using it will have no negative implications. Remember the most dangerous consequence of nitro are uncontrollable speeds. Therefore, don’t let the first time you use nitro be your last time behind the wheel.

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