Racing For Sport - Formula One Motor Racing

Racing For Sport – Formula One Motor Racing

Formula One Cars

The word “car” can be used to describe a whole range of different vehicles. A car can be a comfortable 4-door family sedan or an armored personnel carrier. And of course the word car can refer to sports cars that are driven around tracks by professional race car drivers. Aside from special occasions, you’ll never see a Formula One car on a highway or a back road. Nonetheless, it is still a car.

F1 cars have little in common with the cars you see on the road every day.  Such a car has a different shape – it is built much lower to the ground and it is more aerodynamically proportioned. Manufacturers build such cars as small as possible, while still leaving room for the driver and the necessary safety features. And of course, above all, they are built for speed. They are much faster than any car you will see on the road.

The Best Formula One Drivers

The best, most famous drivers to emerge in the sport in recent years have been Juan Manuel Fangio, Gilles Villeneuve, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher. While it is certainly true that driving the best cars on the circuit has helped, an incredible level of skill and determination to be the best catapulted these men to the top of their sport. Senna tragically lost his life while driving in the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994, but statistically, F1 has maintained low rate of fatalities, given the speed of the races.

Formula One vs. IndyCar

Formula One is similar is very similar to the American sport of Indycar racing. Many enthusiasts agree that Formula One drivers require more technical talent than IndyCars. F1 cars also tend to be more conducive driving fast very fast laps than Indycars. Many Indycar drivers move to Formula One after experiencing success in the US. However, very few move in the other direction.

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