DMX Racer Slot Car Racing Set

DMX Racer Slot Car Racing Set

DMX Racer Slot Car Racing Set

DMX is a relatively new brand in the world of slot car racing. However, that does not mean that they have not offer some worthwhile products to slot car racers despite their relatively short life. Many slot car enthusiasts have found that the DMX racer slot car racing set offers everything they are looking for.

If you have been considering venturing into the DMX line, it’s best that you get a good idea as to what expect. Here are some reviews of DMX slot car racing sets to help you decide.

DMXSLOTS Exclusive Slot Car Racing Package

Set at an average of $190.00 in most online suppliers (shipping not included, of course), this set features an 18 feet track with 8 different configurations. In addition, the track is a 4-lane course. Also, it comes with 4 1:32 slot cars modelled after real-life vehicles.

Something noteworthy about the set is that this is one of DMX’s first “true” digital race course. This is because it contains an actual lane-changing gimmick. This means that racers no longer win by having the fastest lap times. Instead, they can beat the others to the top position like the actual motor sport.

The slot cars come with by DMX’s newest chassis.  Therefore, they have fast acceleration rates and top speeds. The only disadvantage of this set is that it is in limited edition. This means it is comparatively more expensive despite its relatively small parts count. This is something to seriously consider as there is a more complete version of the set which is.


dmx racer slot car racing setDMX Racer Slot Car Racing Set
Frankly speaking, the DMX Racer G2 is just the Exclusive Slot Car Racing Set repackaged in a new box. However, it does come with some newer additions. There are at least 10 more track pieces in the set. This means that the track now covers 22 feet compared to the previous 18 feet.

The features of the Exclusive Slot Car Racing Set are also as follows: lane-changing features, a tune up kit, and the same 4 1:32 scale slot cars with the same MegaG+ chassis.

What is entirely new for this set are 2 5-Button Steering Wheel Controllers. Unlike the typical slot car controllers, these steering wheel controllers allow racers to control their cars like actual vehicles. Their layout might be unfamiliar at first. However, the wheel-type controllers are known to have faster response speeds than their trigger-type counterparts.

What’s more surprising is that this set is that it is actually cheaper than its predecessor by at least $40.00. You can get the DMX Racer G2 set at prices no higher than $160.00 in most online suppliers.

AFX21017 Giant MG+ DMX Racer Slot Car Racing Set

dmx racer slot car racing setDMX Racer Slot Car Racing Set
DMX’s biggest slot car racing set, the giant set spans an intimidating 62.5 feet. Also, it contains more than 150 unique track pieces. If you follow the assembly instructions, the track layout you can create will have multiple sharp turns, loops, bridges, and guardrails!

Included with this set are 2 1:32 slot cars that look like generic Formula 1 vehicles. Also, they have a variant of the MegaG+ chassis. This means that they can quickly hit their top speeds and maintain that power. even in curved sections.

The set comes with a Tri-Power controller. This allows you to control the speed and difficulty of each race. At the lowest setting, the cars will run at a leisurely and controllable pace. This is ideal for beginners or those that want a simple warmup before the actual race.

The Three Speeds

At the mid setting, more energy will flow into the chassis. Also, this will cause cars to run at a faster but still highly controllable speed. However, if you maneuver their slot cars properly, you might finish the race without crashing.

Finally, at the highest setting, the chassis will run at full power. This means that the slot cars will run at their top speeds. Hence, the chances of a car getting dislodged from the pin will be high. Therefore, this setting is recommended only for competitive racers who have mastered the basics of the sport.

The Price

Given that this is DMX’s biggest slot car ever, it is also their most expensive. Prices for this set will go no lower than $1,500.00 and as much as $1,800.00 depending on the supplier.

The set also demands a large space due to its 62.5 feet track. Therefore, it is recommended only for racers who can clear that amount of space plus a bit of leeway for racers to maneuver through the course.

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