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Choosing the Best Mechanic for Your Preventive Maintenance

Buying a car is expensive, and repairs can drain your pockets if you don’t take good care of it. Taking care of your vehicle is not just about driving carefully; it also involves carrying out preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance can help keep your car in shape, improve its performance, and increase its fuel efficiency.

However, not every mechanic is qualified to carry out preventive maintenance on your car. You need to do extensive research and check the mechanic’s website to determine if they’re the right fit for the job before you can hire them.

This article offers a simple guide on choosing the best mechanic for preventive maintenance.

Get a Certified Mechanic For Preventative Maintenance

Just because someone knows the parts of a car and how to do some quick fixes doesn’t make them a good mechanic.

A mechanic who’s serious about their work will consider having the necessary qualifications and certifications to do the job.

Work with a mechanic who’s certified by a recognized institution such as the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). ASE-certified mechanics have undergone several years of training and have at least two years on the job.

Certifications mean that the mechanic you intend to work with has passed the required qualifications and has the skills to do the job.

Working with a certified mechanic also helps protect your car’s warranty so you can still use it when the time comes.

If your mechanic has no certifications, you’ll be in for a rude shock sooner or later. You might have to deal with shoddy work or even costly damage.

You won’t even have anyone to complain to if they completely wreck your car while working on it.

Preventive Maintenance

Check the Customer Reviews and Ratings

Thanks to the internet, you can easily find information about your preventive maintenance mechanic with a click of a few buttons.

Take your time to go through the mechanic’s website or social media to see how they interact with customers and the reviews they get.

Check what their customers are saying about their services and if they’re satisfied or not. Don’t forget to check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see their ratings and accreditation.

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Give them a Call and Ask Questions About Preventative Maintenance

Once you identify a mechanic or a garage that you intend to work with, contact them directly. This is your opportunity to ask as many questions as possible and leave only after getting the right answers.

Understand their prices, the wait time, and if they can recommend a maintenance schedule. Remember, every car is different, so you should not settle for generalized answers.

This is also the perfect time to evaluate the garage’s customer service and see if you can get along with them.

Your mechanic should be friendly, patient, and willing to answer all your questions. They should take their time to explain everything to you and address any concerns you may have about your car.

Meet the Team in Person

In this era where almost everything is done online, it will be easier for you to book the services of your mechanic online. But your car isn’t something you can just trust in the hands of a stranger.

Don’t just call them and let them pick up and drop off your vehicle. Going to the garage in person will enable you to interact with the people who’ll be working on your car and gain peace of mind.

Talking to them will also allow you to explain your car’s problem in detail and eliminate any misunderstandings that can be costly.

In-person meetings will also give you an idea of the quality of customer service to determine if you made a good decision in choosing the garage.

You get the opportunity to ask as many questions as you can and leave only when you’re satisfied.

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Compare Prices

Even though you should not base the quality of your preventive maintenance mechanic on how much they charge, your budget should play a big role.

Considering your car model, you should compare rates across different mechanics to find what you can afford.

Ensure your chosen mechanic gives you a written estimate before they begin working on your vehicle. You must ensure you can afford the cost and any additional fees associated with the services.

Be careful about mechanics who tend to offer relatively lower rates than their competitors.

Preventive Maintenance

Ask Friends and Family

Your friends and family must have some mechanics they have worked with before and trust them to do the work right.

If you don’t want to go through the hustle of finding one yourself, get referrals from these people. If they’ve worked with a mechanic and loved their work, they’ll be more than happy to point them to you.

Ask them why they would recommend certain mechanics and their experience working with them. You can collect a few names from these people and narrow your search to find the perfect one for your needs.

Check the Location

Although you can still drive your car to where your mechanic is or have them pick it up, knowing the location is very crucial.

A good option is always choosing to work locally. Local mechanics are easily accessible and know the needs of the people around them.

Working with someone nearby can help with easy pick up and drop off of your vehicle. If you happen to have an emergency breakdown, you’ll be able to reach your mechanic easily because they’re just across the street.

Preventive car Maintenance

Check Their Experience

You don’t want to leave your car in the hands of an amateur. Ensure the mechanic you choose has the experience and skills to do the job. How many years have they been maintaining cars?

Remember, there’s a difference between the garage being there for decades and a mechanic having the experience.

Maybe the garage was established ten years ago, but they just hired a new mechanic a few months ago. The mechanic working on your car should have at least two years of experience on the job.

An experienced mechanic knows what they’re doing and has the skills needed to perform preventive maintenance.

They can simply look at your car and diagnose the problem and how to handle it. They can even help you with ideas on how to keep your car in tip-top condition.

Bottom Line

Preventive maintenance isn’t the same as car repair. You only want to ensure your car performs well and can serve you for several months without a breakdown.

You don’t have to wait until your car has a problem to take it to a repair shop. You handle the problem before it arises.

Preventive maintenance is a perfect way to improve your car’s performance, save on costs, and prolong its lifespan. You can only reap these advantages if you get the right mechanic for the job.

Do your research to find a certified mechanic with years of experience on the job. Also, remember to look at other factors, such as the location of the garage and their quotes.

You don’t want to take your car far away and have a rough time with pickups and drop-offs. As for the price, go for something you can comfortably afford, but not necessarily the cheapest.

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