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An In-Depth Look at 3 of Carrera’s Digital 1 32 Slot Car Sets

Carrera Slot Cars

Slot car enthusiasts have always considered Carrera slot cars among the best. However, there is still that chance that you might get overwhelmed by the options being presented to you. On the other hand, it would be best to take a look at the best of what Carrera can offer through its Digital 1 32 product line.

Carrera Road Hammers Slot Cars

carrera slot carsAn In-Depth Look at 3 of Carrera’s Digital 1 32 Slot Car Sets
This race set is ideal for those who want to simulate a typical Formula 1 race. It features a rather plain curved course that runs for 18 feet and is over 5 meters wide. It comes with 1 32 scale models of the Lola T222 and Porsche 917/30 race cars that closely mimic the performances of their real life counterparts.

The Road Hammers set is comprised of 2 speed controllers and 2 lane change curves. It also has various straight and curve track parts, and several guard rails. However, all tracks are compatible with other Carrera race track parts to create a larger course.

As with other Carrera sets, the main turnoff with the Road Hammers set would be the price as it can range from $600.00 to $650.00 depending on the supplier. In fact, it is one of the most expensive Carrrera digital slot race sets to date.

Despite that, the Road Hammers set is perfect for children ages 8 and above. It is also great for adults. The basic design of the course should provide ample challenge to racers, skilled or otherwise.

80 Flashback

carrera slot carsAn In-Depth Look at 3 of Carrera’s Digital 1 32 Slot Car Sets
Compared to other digital race sets, the 80 Flashback is perhaps the cheapest at only $300.00. However, that does not mean that it has less compared to other sets.

The 80 Flashback course is composed of 1 double lane changer section, 1 lane change curve, 20+ track pieces, 2 wireless speed controllers, double grinders, guard rails, a 30352 control unit and a 132 transformer. Furthermore, the set comes with two digital slot cars: a Ford Capri Zakspeed Turbo and a BMW M1 Procar.

However, a main point of contention of this would be the rather simple design. In fact, it will challenge you as much as a standard oval race course which might not be as fun other courses.

On the other hand, like other Carrera sets, you can customize the 80 Flashback with other track pieces to create a larger and more unique course. Also, this course can be a great option for those that are new to the concept of digital slot car racing.

It’s important to remember that analog and digital racing are quite different from one another. The former is just about having the best lap time to win while the latter is all about maneuvering oneself to reach the finish line first like a real race.

Thus, this set might be ideal for mid-level racers wanting to make that shift into digital slot car racing.

Ford Fastbacks

carrera slot carsAn In-Depth Look at 3 of Carrera’s Digital 1 32 Slot Car Sets

With an average price of $360.00, the Ford Fastbacks set is also one of the moderately priced Carerra digital track sets in recent years. However, what you will get is one of Carerra’s largest and feature-heavy sets to date.

The Ford Fastbacks course is 30 feet long and has a size of 8.8 x 6.5 feet. It comes with 1 lane change curve, 20+ track pieces, 2 wired controllers, 1 control unit, several guard rails, support struts, and a transformer. The course even features an over and under pass structure which undoubtedly takes inspiration from the stunt-heavy courses of Carrera’s GO!!! line.

The cars in this set are two miniature Ford Mustang GTs, one gray number 16. The other has an orange-black color scheme with number 49. In addition, the set also comes with 4 contact brushes for cars and other accessories.

A potential con with this set is its sheer size. The Ford Fastbacks set will a lot of space when you set it up. Also, constant assembly/dis-assembly can wear down the supports of the track quickly.

Despite these, the Ford Fastbacks set can make for a decent package with a unique race course and two reliable Ford slot cars. Of course, if you feel that the track is a bit underwhelming, there is the option to customize it. You can do this with additional track pieces.

In Conclusion

 These 3 are just some of Carrera’s Digital 1 32 sets currently available in the market. But if the question is whether or not you should buy one, the answer is yes. They can make for worthwhile additions to a collection or as a starter to introduce anyone to the hobby.

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