Creating Different Carrera Slot Car Layouts

Creating Different Carrera Slot Car Layouts

Carrera Slot Car Layouts

Slot car racing can make for a rather rewarding hobby for anyone who loves speed and competition. And Carrera slot car layouts and make the hobby even more exciting. Slot car racing is a great alternative to video games as it targets the same mental regions and tap into the same skill sets all without making the brain lethargic. However, diving into this hobby for the first time can be a daunting experience. So, here are a few for slot car tips for beginners.

Questions to Ask

A Carerra race set is quite a considerable investment to make. If you are looking for Carrera slot car layouts, there will be a few questions you need to ask yourself.

How Old Will the Racers Be?

Ideally, slot car racing is not recommended for children below the age of six. Some of the more advanced cars and tracks will require a racer has enough skill and finesse to make it out of a race without damaging their cars.

However, if you are adamant on introducing children to the wonders of slot car racing, it would be best to start off with a purely analog course first. These courses have simpler tracks and fewer lane counts and should help children learn the basics such as speed control and turning.

Where are You Going to Put Your Track?

Slot car racing demands a lot of real estate. In addition, the smallest courses can take up an entire table and large ones can span several feet across.

As such, you cannot place this on your living room where there is a chance that people will step on small parts. What you will need is a large enough space to place the course in with a bit of leeway for racers to move around.

How Often Will You Race?

Although you can easily assemble and disassemble slot car courses, it can get tedious in the long term. That time you will spend clipping tracks to one another could have been spent on tuning your car and racing it. Also, repeated assembly and dis-assembly will take a toll on the connectors, wearing the entire race course eventually.

The best option here is to make sure that you have enough time for the hobby. Be prepared to race regularly for days or months. The only time that you should take the race course apart is for repairs, maintenance, and expansions.

The Carrera Slot Car Set For Unique Layouts

Carrera is often the ideal line for beginners for three reasons. First, the cars are 4:3 in scale which means they can perfectly fit in one’s hands. Second, you can easily assemble the courses and customize them to create unique track layouts. Third, the pricing is modest in comparison to other slot car brands.

Carrera’s slot car line can be divided into two distinct categories.

Carrera GO!!!

carrera slot car layoutsCreating Different Carrera Slot Car Layouts

Marketed as the “starter” line, Carerra’s GO!!! catalog features courses with kid-friendly themes like Mario Kart and Pixar’s Cars series.  In addition, you can do stunts with features like loops, ramps, and wall-running portions.

If the racers in your house are between the ages of 6 to 8, this course type should provide several hours of entertainment. Also, it is the cheaper product line in Carrera’s catalog.

The product line is great to introduce children to slot car racing. Therefore, the GO!!! series features mainly analog racing systems. However, a basic GO!!! set can be converted for digital systems if one has the right parts.

Digital 143

carrera slot car layoutsCreating Different Carrera Slot Car Layouts
The pricier variant, Digital 143’s product line consists of purely digital race courses and slot cars. Also, the Digital 143 line allows for bigger races as multiple cars can be inserted into one lane. In addition, lane changers are also provided to help vehicles maneuver themselves through the traffic in each course.

If the racers are older children and teenagers, the Digital 143 line is ideal as this allows them to hone their hand-to-eye coordination and other motor skills. Also, digital Carrera tracks might be less expensive for you on the long term as conversion is no longer necessary.

The best part with the Digital 143 line is that it is completely compatible with its sister brand. In fact, you can merge a GO!!! track with a Digital 143 course to create a bigger yet purely digital racecourse. In addition, Carrera produces dedicated red crossover tracks, which means you can mix and match track pieces from both lines.

SlotMan Slot Car Track Design Software

If you would like to download free software to help you design you Carrera layout, you can download SlotMan for free here. This software is no longer made, however, it was made by Carrera and is still quite popular.

Dowload SlotMan Free

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