Carrera Go Or Evolution

Carrera Go Or Evolution

Go!!! or Evolution?

The beauty of the slot car hobby is the sheer amount of options available to you right from the start.  One of the more popular brands in this hobby would be Carrera. Carrera offers both analog and digital slot car racing products. As far as analog racing is concerned, Carrera’s Go!!! and Evolution lines are among the best for beginners. This, however, does give rise to the question: Should I choose the Carrera Go or Evolution?

What are They?

Before anything else, you’d have to know what makes these lines different from one another. This is quite important since most online catalogs would lump products from both lines in the same page.

Carrera Go!!!

carrera go or evolutionCarrera Go Or Evolution
Without a doubt, this is Carrera’s entry-level product line since it is targeted mostly for kids. Slot cars in this line often come in the 1:24 scale which should be big enough for the hands of children. Also, the cars here are a bit more imaginative as they come from popular franchises like Pixar’s Cars series or Nintendo’s Mario Kart.

The tracks also play to the child’s imagination as it features a strong focus towards stunts. Most Go!!! tracks come with stunt jumps, vertical running segments, loops, lane changes, and intersections.

The Go!!! line is mainly for children that are 8 years old and above. As with other Carrera lines, Go cars and tracks can also be converted for digital racing.

Carrera Evolution

carrera go or evolutionCarrera Go Or Evolution
Unlike the Go!!! line, Evolution features a more grounded, realistic take on analog slot car racing. The cars here are at 1:32 scale which is large enough to fit in the palms of older people without being too large to be considered a toy.

Since the line caters more towards realism, the slot cars are also look more real life race cars like the Ford Mustang and the Ferrari GT. The realism also extends to the race tracks which put more emphasis on vehicle performance rather than elaborate set pieces.

Aside from these differences, the Evolution line has the distinct Carrera characteristics of compatibility with other lines and the ability to be easily converted to digital racing configurations. It is mainly targeted for children 12 years and above as well as adults.

What to Choose, Then, Carrera Go Or Evolution?

Both of these lines have their own unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. To pick the one that is suited for you, here are a few tips.

Mind the Age Range

The age of your racers will really determine which line is best for you. The Go!!! line might be exciting for younger children but older folk might find the sets a bit too “toyish” for their tastes. On the flip side, the Evolution line might be exciting for serious slot car racers but young children would find the tracks boring.

At best, you should pick the Go!!! line to introduce young children to the hobby. However, if no one in your household is younger than 10, then the Evolution line is the better alternative.

 Look at the Price Tag

Like any hobby, slot car racing is a bit expensive. However, the Evolution line might be a bit pricier than Go!!! products in some instances. This is because Evolution uses more die cast metal pieces in the race courses as well as the slot cars.

The Go!!! line might be more budget friendly as it uses mostly plastic components. However, there are some Go!!! tracks that could fetch prices up to $200.00 due to their extensive parts count. Also, you will also have to factor in replacements and repairs as Go!!! cars have a higher tendency to break from multiple usage.

Budget-Saver Tip: To lessen your expenses in either line, it is best to purchase one set and then start customizing it later on. Carrera suppliers also sell slot cars, accessories, and track pieces either individually or part of a bundle.

Carrera Go Or Evolution: Racing Frequency Will Matter

How often do you think these sets will be used on a weekly basis? Setting up a slot car racing set can get time consuming which is why you’d rather have them stay assembled for as long as possible.

The Evolution line is ideal if your racers will use the sets for several times in a week. Plus, the metal and hard plastic joints ensure that your cars and tracks do not deteriorate even if exposed to the air for months.

As for Go!!! sets, they feature an easy assembly and dis-assembly process. In conclusion, this is perfect if you want your racers to focus on other important things rather than slot car racing for the weekend.

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