Carrera 30188 Digital 1 32 GT Championship

Carrera 30188 Digital 1 32 GT Championship

Carrera 30188 Digital 1 32 GT Championship

The Digital 1 32 line under the Carrera brand has always been known for two things. First of all, they are well-loved because they introduce things that push the hobby forward. On the other hand, they are notable for keeping to the highest current standards in digital slot car racing. The Carrera 30188 Digital 1 32 GT Championship continues that tradition.

At first glance, the GT Championship looks like it is going to fall into the latter category. By offering features that are not new but done well, it stands out as one of the more serviceable digital racing sets to date.

Track Details

Like most track sets in the Digital 1 32 line, the GT Championship track puts a strong emphasis on allowing a racer’s skill to shine instead of creative stunts and set pieces.

Following the instructions, the track layout that you will get is a standard Figure 8 course with 2 long curved sections, 4 long straight sections, bridges,a pit stop and guardrails. Also, the track spans an entire 24 feet and thus would require an ample amount of clearance when you set it up.

What makes this set unique is that almost every track piece is designed for digital racing. It features multiple lane changing track pieces. This means that aggressive players can continually dictate the pace of the race over their opponents.

If that was not enough, the set can also be reconfigured into different track layouts. It is also compatible with Carrera’s own line of digital track expansion sets, allowing you to create your own unique course.

The only downside to this all-digital layout is the price. Despite its paltry parts count, the 30188 GT Championship set fetches prices as high as $800.00 in online stores.

Included Cars

The GT Championship set comes with 2 1:32 scale slot cars. The first is an Audi R8 LMS that looks like the one used by the Audi Sports Team. The second car is a Mercedes AMG GT3 with the company’s iconic dark blue color scheme.

As with other Carrera 1:32 scale slot cars, both vehicles contain a lot of detail. These mimic the ones you find in their real-world counterparts. From the painted-on decals on the body to the sculpted Mercedes Benz logo on the GT3, there is no denying that these slot cars cater to racers who want their vehicles to have the greatest details and speed.

However, this attention to detail can be a double-edged sword. In time, and with multiple crashes, the smaller details might fade or chip off.

Fortunately, Carerra has prepared for this and designed both cars to have a low center of gravity. Used in tandem with a magnetic pin attachment, you will have to exert a lot of effort to get these cars to fly off the track.

Set Difficulty

Assembling the GT Championship should be straightforward. If you follow the instructions, especially on properly locking the track pieces at their connection points, you will have the track set up within a few minutes.

The set comes with a Tri-Power transformer which allows you to control the speed of each race to match the skill level of the racers. At the first setting, cars run at a leisurely pace. This is great for warm ups and friendly races.

At the second setting, things get faster but remain manageable. As such, racers who have mastered the basic of managing a curved track should find it easy to outpace their opponents.

At the highest setting, things turn into a free-for-all. Slot cars will run at their top speeds. This means that those with more powerful engines have a better chance to win. Of course, since everything is in full power setting, the chances for crashes in a race are high.

The best part of the Tri-Power pack is that you can change the settings in the middle of a race. This means that you can raise the stakes and keep things dynamic with just one push of a button.

Carrera 30188 Digital 1 32 GT Championship – Conclusion

Without a doubt, the Race Championship is a product that follows the standards Carrera has set for their Digital 1 32 slot cars line. It does not offer anything new, nor does it truly shine in any one particular aspect.

However, that does not mean that you should forget the entire set. The included track provides enough of a challenge for both seasoned racers and newbies. In addition, the slot cars included can be considered as some of the better entries in the scale. If the steep price tag does not intimidate you, then the Carrera 30188 Digital 1 32 GT Championship set could make for a fine addition to your ever-growing collection of tracks and slot cars.

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