What Is A Car Wrap?

What Is A Car Wrap?

What Is A Car Wrap?

There are many reasons why you may be considering getting a car wrap. This is when you apply a special material to the surface of your car that covers the original paint. The material can be vinyl, polyurethane, or proprietary materials from manufacturers such as 3M. 

No matter what your reasons are for considering one, read on to learn about the various factors you should consider before having it done.

Why Would I Want To Have A Car Wrap?

One of the main reasons why you might choose to have this process done is for advertising. These days, you have a lot of flexibility when choosing designs or printing. Advertsing done in this way can prove very effective and easy to remember.

Before you decide get a wrap instead of having it painted, you should know that wrapping is more expensive. You should also not consider it a permanent solution. You should count on a wrap lasting maximum about 5-7 years..

What Is The Process?

Typically the process first involves giving your specifications to the professional. They will collect all of your requirements, and will also measure the car. This will give them a good idea of the complexity of the job. After that, the professional will print and laminate the graphics, bringing the designs to life. Finally, the professional will apply the material, and will ensure that the job looks great!

Do I Have To Have The Entire Car Wrapped?

No! You can choose to have all or a portion of your car done.

How Can It Stay On My Car?

Unlike paint, a wrap is not intended to be a permanent solution. If you are doing an advertising campaign, you may only the leave the wrap on the car a few days or weeks. You might then bring the car back to your professional to remove the wrap. However,  most of the people people the leave the wrap on their car for between one to five, or one to seven years.

Will A Car Wrap Damage My Original Paint? 

In most cases, no. However, we have found that some professionals do not guarantee that the original paint job will have no damage.

What Should I Do To Prepare My Car Beforehand?

In order to ensure the material adheres, you should wash your car before the process begins. You should also make sure the surface of your car is free of wax, or other materials that people typically use to treat or protect the surface of their car.

How Long Does The Car Wrap Take?

We have seen professionals take from between one day and seven days to complete the process. More than one person may work on the job, depending on the complexity.

Should I Let My Insurance Company Know?

Yes. We recommend letting your insurance company know about the wrap.

How Should I Maintain A Wrapped Car?

After the job is finished, we recommend that you protect your car from extreme conditions. The more the elements, such as snow, salt, dirt, gravel etc. get to your car, the shorter the lifespan of the job. Therefore, you should keep your car in a garage, and avoid long periods of exposure to direct sunlight.

Also, you should hand-wash your car regularly with a solution that is specifically made for wrapped cars. Do not put your wrapped car through a car wash!

Can I Change The Graphics Without Changing The Entire Wrap?

Some providers we have seen allow this. Therefore, if you are getting the car wrapped for advertising, you may be able to change some of the graphics or lettering without re-doing the entire job.

How Much Does It Cost?

For more information on the costs, please refer to this article.

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