A Touch Of Art – The Art Car

Art In Motion – The Car Art Movement

Do you think a car can be considered a work of art? Some car enthusiasts would claim that a car is a work of art in its most practical form. Much planning goes into making an automobile both aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing. And if you love sports cars you may believe that a car reach high speeds and perform well, and at the same time look great, should be considered a museum piece. If you believe this you should check out the car art movement.

The movement has taken the concept of a car as a work of art to new heights. This movement celebrates the aesthetic beauty of the original cars by by adding new parts and components. These components turn the car into a totally new object. There are various areas of the United States where this practice has become very popular. Minneapolis and Houston are car art hubs and Houston even has the world’s first museum dedicated to this fascinating practice!

The Art Of Harrod Blank

One of the most important leaders of the movement is Harrod Blank, who has made several films about the topic. He has also written many books and articles in addition to running a blog. Blank acts as curator of the Art Car Fest, an automobile-themed parade held in the San Francisco Bay area each year. His many endeavors even include a camp at the famous Burning Man festival.

If you would like to make one of these masterpieces yourself, all you need is a regular car and a spark of creativity. Plan out your idea and get the right materials to create your automotive work of art. Whatever you do, make sure your car is legal to drive. That means making sure that it complies with laws of your city or state. Some basic rules of thumb include not impeding the driver’s line of site. And of course, you should also avoid doing anything that would make the vehicle unstable.

Check out these scenes of the 2018 Houston Art Car Parade!

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