can you buy a car without a driver's license

Can You Buy a Car Without a Driver’s License

A driver’s license is essential in order to be able to drive the car of your dreams. But can you buy a car without a driver’s license?

Owning a car is about much more than just driving which makes it possible for individuals in certain circumstances to buy a car without a license. However, you may run into some problems when you try to register and insure the vehicle after purchase.

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Do I Need a Driver’s License to Buy a Car?

There are specific situations under which you can buy a car without a license. These include:

  • If you are buying a car for someone else or as a gift
  • If you are still learning how to drive
  • If you have a driver or a caregiver
  • If you own a business and need the vehicle for business use
  • If you are a car collector

Most dealerships will sell you a car if you have the required amount as well as valid identification. However, you will not be able to drive your car legally without a driver’s license.

An important factor to consider when buying a car without a driver’s license is that, even though there are no legal restrictions, the process is more complicated.

You may have trouble with financing and most dealerships will require you to complete the process in person rather than online. You may also be unable to test drive the vehicle which is critical especially when buying a used car.

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What Do I Need to Buy a Car Without a Driver’s License?

You may be able to purchase a car without a license in your state. However, you will need:


Most states have car registration requirements which are submitted to your local DMV. If you are buying a car from a dealer, they will provide temporary registration until you can provide a license.

To register a new car, you are also required to provide insurance and valid identification. You are only required to produce a license if you intend to drive the car.

Of course, these regulations vary depending on the state, so ensure you check with your local DMV. Registration also typically requires that you have proof of insurance and ownership.


All cars must be insured regardless of whether you are driving the vehicle yourself or buying it on behalf of someone else. Getting insurance is more complicated and expensive when you do not have a license, as most companies consider you a higher risk.

Most insurers offer a non-owner policy, and you will also be required to provide the license information of the person who will be driving the car.

You can also choose to have a friend or family member put down their license information, which effectively puts the insurance policy under their name.

Consider choosing a driver with a good driving record to reduce premiums. Getting insurance for your vehicle also means that you can get it to your preferred location, with the help of a driver who holds a valid license.

If you are an unlicensed driver, most insurers will exclude you in case of any damage that might occur with you behind the wheel.


It is possible to finance your car even without a driver’s license if you do not have the cash to make full payment upfront.

We recommend using a pre-approved auto loan even when you do have enough cash as it allows you the flexibility of choosing a better model with more features.

You can also get your car financed at the dealership by providing valid identification to apply for a loan.

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Steps to Buying a Car Without a Driver’s License

As a driver, you need to have a license to take your car on the road which makes it illogical to buy a car without one.

However, if you are in the process of acquiring a license or need a car for business purposes, there is no law preventing you from buying a vehicle without a license.

Here are the steps you should take when buying a car without a license:

Find a Driver with a Valid License

If you do not have a license, you will need to identify a driver who will take the car for a test drive or drive it off the lot to your preferred destination.

Apply for Financing

If you need financing to buy your new car, consider shopping around and comparing different lenders to get a good deal. You will need verifiable income, good credit, and low debt compared to your income to get approved for financing.


Prepare your insurance before buying your new car. Most dealers require proof of insurance before they can complete the transaction and register the car in your name.

At this stage, you will also be required to provide the license information of the person who will be driving the car.

Complete the Purchase

Before buying a car, it is important to notify the dealership that you do not have a license so they can help you navigate the process. Do not forget to bring a licensed driver for the test drive and to take your car home.

Register the Car

Once you have completed the purchase, the dealership will submit title forms and registration details to the local DMV.

If buying from a private seller, be prepared to handle the paperwork yourself. You will need proof of insurance as well as photo identification to complete the process.

Challenges of Buying a Car Without a Driver’s License

As earlier discussed, buying a car without a driver’s license is legal. However, there are many complications and challenges. Some of these challenges include:

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Getting the Car Insured

Most states require car owners to have insurance before the purchase process can be completed. On the other hand, most insurance companies require a license before they can provide coverage.

Some carriers will insure your car even if you do not have a license, but most require the license information of the primary driver to determine the pricing and other policy specifics. However, even as the car owner, you will still be excluded from the policy.

Registration Complications

All states require that car owners register their vehicles with the local DMV. However, you need a valid license to register the newly bought car in your name. This means that if you buy a car without a license, you will be unable to register it in your name.

Limited Financing Options

To get financing for a new car, most lenders require a photo ID. While there are many other forms of identification other than your driver’s license, not having the license makes you a high-risk borrower.

Even lenders who would otherwise be willing to finance a new car for low-credit borrowers might not be willing to work with an unlicensed buyer.

No Test Drives

This is perhaps the biggest setback when it comes to buying a car without a license. When buying a new car, a test drive allows you to detect any potential problems and even avoid buying a lemon if you are considering a pre-owned car.

However, whether you buy the car from a private seller or a dealership, you will not be able to test drive it without a driver’s license. You can solve this issue by bringing a trusted and licensed driver to test the car.

General Red Tape

If you do not have a license, buying a new car comes with a lot of red tape. There are many administrative tasks related to the process and most of them involve your driver’s license. However, if you take the time to understand the laws in your local area, the process should be simple.


While it is possible to buy a car without a license, it is always good to consult a lawyer and reputable dealerships in your area to find out what the process involves. By understanding what you need, you can make the necessary preparations and get a good deal on the car, financing, and insurance.

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