American Racer Slot Car Set

American Racer Slot Car Set

Scalextric made several slot car sets that are popular among collectors. The company has also produced several cars, including the Porsche 911 Turbo, Chevrolet Corvette, and McLaren F1 GTR.

Scalextric is also known for its wide variety of track pieces and accessories, which allow collectors to create their custom tracks.

However, one to own is the American Racer slot car set. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the American Racer, from its features to how much it costs.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

American Racer Slot Car Set

Carrera Slot Car Set

The American Racers slot car set was designed with the same philosophy that Scalextric has been known for in the hobby. It is a philosophy that strikes a balance between realism and fun. Every racer knows that this can be a challenge in the world of slot car racing.

However, Scalextric has consistently provided race sots that offer a high amount of close real-world detail and the promise of hours of entertainment. And, in more ways than one, it has managed to live up to that standard. Read on to find out more about the Scalextric American Racer slot car set.

Track Details

The layout of the American Racers track is as bog standard as you can get. The default layout is an oval track with three additional alternative track configurations.

That said, however, the track is a fairly generic Scalextric track. There’s a strong emphasis on car performance over exciting set pieces. As such, except for the track to focus more on making slot cars perform sharp turns and aggressive maneuvering over explosive finishes.

Fortunately, this simplicity results in a small parts count, which keeps prices manageable. As a result, you can easily find an American Racers set online at prices no higher than $160.00, shipping not included.

Of course, the set is compatible with Scalextric’s other race and track expansion sets. You can create your unique track with the set if you have the correct expansion pieces.

Scalextric American Racers 1:32 Slot Car Race Track

american racer slot car set

Included Slot Cars

As the name would imply, this set highlights what the American auto industry has to offer. That is made apparent through what is included in the set are two classic Chevrolet vehicles: the Corvette and the Camaro.

The Corvette comes in its iconic red color scheme with a white line running from the back to the hood. As for the Camaro, it comes in distinct yellow with black trimmings.

Performance-wise, these two slot cars mimic their real-world counterparts to a degree. They are built with Scalextric’s newest chassis model, allowing fast acceleration and high top speeds.

Both slot cars are in the 1:32 scale, meaning they are large enough to fit snugly in the pocket or hand without being too large to be unwieldy. This scale is excellent for slot racers who want a bit of heft to their slot cars without becoming too toyish large.

But these slot cars might be a bit of a letdown for hobbyists who are sticklers for detail. None of the windows are in clear plastic, and the more minor details are painted-on on so they can chip off.

On the flip side, this means you have fewer breakable parts to worry about in each slot car. Also, the cars come with their tune-up kits, so they keep running at optimal condition for as long as possible.

American Racer Slot Car Set Gameplay

Despite being powered by Scalextric’s latest chassis, the slot cars are not that difficult to control. Each controller comes with a power selector which regulates the amount of electricity running through the slot cars.

The cars should have little to no chance of flying off the pins at their lowest setting. This is great for beginners to ease themselves into the course or those who want a non-competitive race.

At the higher setting, however, the chassis will run at full speed. As a result, the chances for crashes will be high in this setting, and racers must master how to manage their turns properly.

The best part of the power control feature is that the settings can be changed mid-race. This could help keep races dynamic regardless of the racers’ skill level.

The race set comes with a lap counter that tallies points in real-time for competitions. This will allow racers to know how they are faring compared to the others and pick up the pace if they are behind.

The race course itself is not difficult to put up and disassemble. Within minutes, you can have the set in any of its four configurations.

Can Scalextric Car Work On Any Track?

slot cars

As long as you don’t have the classic Scalextric track, the answer is yes! You can use any slot car on almost any type of track.

Some racers prefer using their Scalextric cars on an alternative track because it offers a different challenge. For example, a figure-eight track is much more challenging than a traditional oval race track.

If you’re looking for something new to try with your Scalextric set, consider using a different track type. Just be sure that the track you choose is compatible with your cars.

Can You Connect Old Scalextric Track To a New One?

For the most part, yes. However, a few things to remember before connecting the old and new Scalextric track.

First, be sure that the power pack you’re using is compatible with both track types. If not, you may damage the new track or cause the cars to operate erratically.

Second, remember that the new track may not be as durable as the old one. So if you’re planning on using the track for rough-and-tumble play, it’s best to stick with all new pieces.

Old and new Scalextric tracks can be connected, but caution is important when doing so.

Scalextric Ginetta Racers 1:32 Analog Slot Car Race Track Set

Is Scalextric Track the Same?

No, not all Scalextric track is the same. Instead, there are several different types of Scalextric tracks, each with unique features.

Some types of Scalextric tracks are more durable than others, while some are designed for specific types of racing. When choosing a Scalextric track type, consider what you’ll be using it for.

Can You Paint Scalextric Track?

Typically, yes, but you must be very careful what kind of paint you use. For example, water-based acrylic paint is usually the best type to use on the Scalextric track.

Be sure to read the paint manufacturer’s instructions before painting any Scalextric track.

Are There Different Types of Scalextric Cars?

Yes, there are different types of Scalextric cars. The most common are sports cars, formula one cars, and endurance cars.

Each type of Scalextric car has unique features, so be sure to choose the right one for your racing needs.

What Is the Difference Between an Analog and Digital Scalextric Set?

The main difference between analog and digital Scalextric sets is the type of controller used. Analog sets use a traditional hand-held controller, while digital sets use a special controller that plugs into a computer.

Digital Scalextric sets offer more features than analog sets but is also more expensive. So an analog set may be the best choice if you’re starting.

Do You Need a Special Controller for a Digital Scalextric Set?

Yes, you need a special controller to use a digital Scalextric set. This controller plugs into a computer and allows you to race against other drivers online.

If you don’t have a digital controller, you won’t be able to take advantage of all the features that a digital Scalextric set offers.

Do You Need a Power Pack for a Digital Scalextric Set?

No, you don’t need a power pack for a digital Scalextric set. Instead, the controller plugs directly into the computer and gets its power from there.

What Age is Scalextric For?

The Scalextric track is recommended for ages four and up. However, many adults enjoy playing with Scalextric sets as well. Younger children may have a learning curve, but most can pick it up relatively quickly.

How Do You Clean Scalextric Track?

The best way to clean the Scalextric track is with a soft cloth and soapy water. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as these can damage the track.

Once the track is clean, dry it off completely before using it again.

What Is the Best Way to Store Scalextric Track?

The best way to store the Scalextric track is in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing the track in direct sunlight, as this can cause it to warp.

It’s also a good idea to keep the track away from dust and other debris. If the track does get dirty, be sure to clean it off before storing it.

How Do You Assemble Scalextric Track?

Scalextric track is easy to assemble. Just follow the instructions that come with the set.

If you’re having trouble, plenty of video tutorials online can help you out.

What Do You Need to Get Started with Scalextric?

To get started with Scalextric, you’ll need a few things. First, you’ll need a Scalextric track. Second, you’ll need a power pack.

Third, you’ll need one or more cars. Finally, you’ll need a controller.

Can You Use Scalextric Track Outdoors?

Yes, you can use the Scalextric track outdoors. However, take the track down when it’s not in use.

Outdoor Scalextric tracks can be damaged by weather and debris, so keeping them stored safely when they’re not being used is essential.

Final Thoughts

At a glance, the Scalextric C1364T American Racers does not have anything outstanding to offer. Technically speaking, that is true. However, the set does deliver on Scalextric’s promise of giving slot car racers an experience that is fun, challenging, and realistic.

It also helps that the set is one of Scalextric’s least expensive track sets to date. Therefore, it is a must-have for racers of all skill levels and budget limits.

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