8 Must-Have Things in Your Car for Winter Safety

Winter isn’t the best time of the year to be on the road. Ice and snow can easily get in your way, restricting your movement and blocking your vision, so having certain items in your car is vital for winter safety.

But despite this, you still have to get from point A to B, and the bad weather should not stop you.

So, how do you ensure you still drive well in the chilliest time of the year? You have to prepare yourself for winter weather by accessorizing your car with everything you’ll need. Here are eight must-have things to keep in your car for winter safety.

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8 Winter Safety Tips To Keep You Safe

1. Ice Scraper and Snow Brush

It’s common to park your car for a few hours during winter and come back only to find a frost of ice and snow.

Make sure you have a snow brush and a scraper on standby in case the weather changes. Even if you leave home with no signs of snowing, always be ready for anything.

Driving with snow and ice on your car will make it hard for you to see the road because they’ll obstruct your view. In addition, the ice can also fly off and hit other vehicles on the road.

A scraper will help you clear off your car windows, lights, and mirrors so you can see the road clearly.

2. A Portable Shovel

A shovel is a great tool that will save you if you come across a pile of snow and cannot move forward or backward. If you find your car buried in an unexpected snowfall, you need to dig yourself out.

Or if your way home is filled with snow and ice, you must find a way to get out by digging around to create a path.

There are many collapsible shovels found in automotive stores that can serve this purpose. You need something simple and portable so that it doesn’t end up occupying too much space in your car. Make sure you buy a compact and foldable shovel to take up minimum space in your truck.

3. A Warm Blanket

Winter can be harsh, and you have to be prepared for any emergency situations. Ice buildup can make it hard to continue driving.

If the road shuts down on you, you’ll have no option but to spend the night where you are until the conditions improve.

If by any chance you get stuck on the road and unable to make it home, you won’t want to expose yourself to too much cold. Your warm winter clothes may not help keep you warm enough.

Make sure you have a warm blanket on your truck to keep yourself warm out in the cold for winter safety. You can also add socks, boots, sweatshirts, and thick pants. An insulated blanket will be the best option if you can access one.

winter safety when driving

4. A Bag of Sand or Kitty Litter

Don’t get this wrong; you’re not taking your kitty on a trip. A bag of sand or kitty litter on your truck will give your car some weight.

The roads are extremely slippery during winter, and the extra weight will help give your tires some traction.

If you get stuck on ice or snow, this ice will come in handy. You can pour some around your tires to give you grit and get your tires to move easily. It’s all about giving your tires an additional boost.

5. Have Snow Tires for Winter Safety

In extremely snowy situations, you might need a change of tires. Snow tires are slightly different from normal ones as they’re made with deeper tread patterns to give them enough grip. If you’re driving on sloppy roads, you’ll need tires with extra traction.

In addition, snow tires are made of a different tire composition that keeps them more pliable when the temperatures drop. They add extra grip and give you better handling despite the harsh weather, lowering the risk of being involved in an accident.

While these tires can cost a little higher price, they are worth it because they’ll keep you safe during winter.

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6. A Fully Charged Phone

Don’t take things lightly when driving in winter because you can get stuck on the road any day. If your phone runs out of power while you’re nowhere near your home or a town center, you’ll be in for a rude shock.

Ensure your phone is fully charged so you can call for roadside assistance anytime.

You can also consider carrying a portable phone charger or battery. In fact, a portable battery or a power bank will be much better as you’ll be able to keep your phone charged all the time.

The ability to call for help if you’re stuck in a low-traffic area will give you peace of mind.

7. Jumper Cables

Low temperatures are extremely bad for your car batteries. If you have weak batteries, they can die within no time in freezing temperatures. You’ll be unable to jump-start your car batteries without a jumper cable.

If you have an old battery, be prepared for the worse in winter. Have a jumper cable with you during winter, especially if your battery is more than three years old.

When your car suddenly fails to start, you can simply connect your cable and request a good Samaritan to give you a jump.

jumper cables for winter safety

8. An Emergency Toolkit

Like a first aid kit, an emergency toolkit for your car will have everything you need in case you run into trouble on the road.

For example, your tire pressures can easily fluctuate in winter. The tool should have a pressure gauge to ensure you’re good to go.

If you get stuck on the road at night, you’ll need a flashlight to provide some night light. A hammer will help you break the safety glass to escape from your car in case of danger, such as when it submerges in water.

A phone charger will ensure you keep your phone fully charged so you can easily call someone in case of an emergency.

You can run into any type of emergency on the road, and having the necessary tools ready will save the day. Make sure you check the toolkit every day before you leave home to ensure everything is intact.

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Bonus Mention: Water and Snacks for Winter Safety When Driving

As you ensure your car is in good shape and ready to tackle the harsh winter weather, you also need to be in tip-top shape.

If you get stranded in the middle of nowhere, you’ll need to keep yourself well-nourished with some food and water. You’ll need the energy to stay active and warm to keep going, no matter the situation.

Winter Safety: Bottom Line

Driving in winter can present unpleasant situations that are not easy to deal with. But if leaving your car at home is not an option, you have to be prepared for the worst all the time.

Having all the winter essentials with you will save you in case of an emergency and keep your car and yourself safe.

So, before you hit the road, double-check to ensure everything is in its place. Also, make sure your car is in good shape. The tires, battery, and wiper blades should be in optimal condition.

Don’t forget to keep yourself warm and well-nourished because your need the energy to keep going.

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